Citizenship and Naturalization
2016 3/30

Why Immigration Matters To Me

I was born in India, raised in London, lived in Dubai for over a decade, and since 1995 I have called the United States my home. I have practiced law in London, the Middle East, and now the United States. While obtaining my law degree at London University being an immigration attorney never crossed my mind. I wanted to be a corporate lawyer.

Like most of the clients I serve, I also am an immigrant. My husband and I came here in 1995 looking for more opportunity and a better future for my two sons. I saw first hand how difficult the immigration process is to navigate, even for a qualified attorney from a prestigious university. There were many obstacles to overcome and the whole process was anxiety provoking.

I realized my knowledge of the law combined with my personal experience could make the process so much easier for future clients. I left my job at a top law firm in Southern California, studied every aspect of immigration law in depth, and ventured out on my own.

The last 18 years have been the most fulfilling of my legal career. I have been able to help hundreds of families and individuals obtain green cards, visas, and citizenship in the United States. Because I have been through the process myself, I able to help with the legal procedures and at the same time relate to the anxiety many clients feel.

Immigration is more than just a profession for me. The United States has given my family and me such amazing opportunities and being able to help so many people achieve that same American dream is truly an honor and a privilege.

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